We are properly licensed by the State of South Carolina and Horry County.

This is important to you. As a licensed business we comply with all State and Local regulations with the rental of the condo. We collect sales and accomomodations taxes as required by law and remit the same to the state and local government. We are subject to our records being audited to assure the proper taxes have been paid.
While no one likes paying taxes, the funds derived from the accomodations tax are restricted in how they are used. The use of these taxes must be tourism related, i.e. beach maintenance, fire and police services, etc. Sales taxes on the other hand are not restricted but are used in this area to the benefit of the tourists with road maintenance, parks and other useful services.
Please beware of others operating without the proper licenses. You have little recourse in the event of a problem.

Below are copies of our licenses.