So Long and Farewell
As many of you were aware after the COVID disruption and the cancellations that followed and with an eye to the future, Melita and I had decided to sell the condo. Last week we went to settlement and the new owners who intend to live in it are in place.
We originally purchased the condo as a vacation home to use when we visited the Myrtle Beach / Surfside Beach area. After a couple years, we made the decision to move here. After purchasing a nearby home, it became apparent it was feasible to try to start a vacation rental business. The first couple of years were rough as it is with any business and we built up a core base of loyal guests (you know who you are) for which we are thankful. We operated for 8 years, meeting a lot of you receiving this message along the way. While we didn’t make a killing renting, we were able to turn enough of a profit to make it worthwhile. Then we had 2019 and 2020. 2019 was a year of problems with leaky air conditioners in the units above us. This created a lot of expense in repairs and lost revenue. Then came 2020 with a near 100% cancellation rate due to COVID. Between 2 bad years, a common services homeowner’s association and management company who were becoming more and more difficult to deal with and the closing of the amenities (pool) with no plan to reopen, the decision to be made was pretty clear.
In this our final message to those of you who have rented from us or inquired about renting, Melita and I would like to say “Thank You”. Thank you for taking a part in this experience. We have made many good friends along the way and we will miss seeing you. If you happen to come to Surfside Beach in the future please look us up.
Melita and I plan on doing a little more traveling ourselves now that we don’t have to worry about that turnover that occurred nearly every Saturday.
I will be leaving the website
HYPERLINK "" up for the time being until I can replace it with something that showcases the area rather than the condo. The area information on the website is still relevant and if you just need that quick getaway at work, you can always view some of the many videos you can find throughout the site.
It has truly been a pleasure.
Scott & Melita Wishard
2021 Condo Newsletter